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If you’re looking for a handgun carrying device that has the comfort and quick-draw feature like Mexican carry, but with the safety of full retention, try The Handgun Sling!

Patented and made right here in the USA, this new and innovative way to carry a handgun is designed for those who choose to carry inside of waistband – either small of back or in the front. Quick and easy to secure, The Handgun Sling uses your belt as the trigger guard. It’s also easily and quickly released, either casually or quickly.  Made of lightweight, durable materials, it has a plastic tube on one end, designed to keep your gun from sliding down, and a coin tab on the other end to keep your gun from coming out.  It’s so different, we call it the UN-HOLSTER™.

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Be sure to order plenty … everybody will want one!

WARNING! The Handgun Sling is NOT a safety device nor does it claim to have any safety features. Never use The Handgun Sling to carry a firearm with a round loaded in the chamber. Completely separate The Handgun Sling from the firearm before discharging. Never discharge a firearm with any form of obstruction in the barrel. Failure to follow these and all other safety rules published by the firearm manufacturer can result in property damage, personal injury and/or death.

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Made in USA, The Handgun Sling™ is a unique handgun carrying device that is unlike anything you or your daddy have ever used. It is a new and completely different way to carry a handgun. Its clever design was made for comfort and retention, but allows a quick-draw too.

It is designed on a lightweight, stretchy material, with a tube on one end that fits inside the barrel of most handguns from .38 caliber up to a .45 caliber. The sole purpose of the tube is to keep your gun from sliding down. On the other end is a coin tab that allows the user to easily secure and release The Handgun Sling. This end keeps your gun from coming up. Once the Handgun Sling is properly secured, your belt becomes the trigger guard, keeping your trigger covered. And in a situation where you need to draw your weapon quickly, The Handgun Sling will allow you the quick-draw you will need by simply drawing and pulling the weapon from your beltline.

The Handgun Sling is so comfortable that in minutes, you won’t even realize that you’re carrying – and so invisible that nobody else will know you’re carrying either! It doesn’t get more ZERO BULK than this! The Handgun Sling is so different, we call it the Un-Holster. If you’re tired of trying to find a holster that is comfortable, has full retention, but will allow you to draw your weapon quickly, when necessary, try something completely different. Try The Handgun Sling!

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2 reviews for The Handgun Sling™

  1. Rated 4 out of 5


    I have been using the Handgun Sling since receiving it at a local gun show. I was impressed with the demo and decided to try this strange looking “Holster”. After getting it in the right place I have been wearing it on a daily basis, using my Walther PK380, and a Keltek P-11 9mm. Both have been very comfortable and easy to use the sling with. I am a fluffy guy and most other “in the pants” holsters are not comfortable for me. The Handgun Sling is a great product for the price. Mike Testerman, Knoxville, TN

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    The Handgun sling is exactly what I was looking for. I had a nice leather IWB holster that was never comfortable for any length of time, this takes all the bulk out of waist band carry, My Glock 42 is totally secure in the sling, and completely comfortable, unlike the holster. Less is more with this thing. It’s simple, quick, and a great value. Met the Morris’s at the gun show, great people, and a great product! Thanks.

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